Service Appointment Booking

Service Appointment Booking

Thank you for entrusting us with your bicycle. If you have dealt with us in the past, you already know we are very open about our practices. We are very modest and fair in our pricing based on actual work done. Many times you may have walked in and got some work done not having to pay a single baiza. This new system allows you to book/reserve a day and date to get your bike serviced or fixed.

We hope this will help all of us in getting organized as we start expanding.

Please read the service descriptions below the dropdown list so you know what is covered in each service offered.

Essential (periodic) Bike MaintenanceBottom Bracket & Hub ServiceHeadset OverhaulFront Derailleur AdjustmentRear Derailleur AdjustmentWheel Truing / BalancingFixing Taco’ed / Buckled WheelProfessional Bike Assembly
In this service that is needed for every bike that has pedals, a chain and freewheel, we completely clean the main operational bike components which include;

1. Chain (de-grease) and re-lube,
2. Clean the chainrings,
3. Clean the cassettes or freewheels and derailleurs along with the derailleur cages,
4. Clean the frame,
5. Clean the wheel (spokes, tires etc.),
6. Clean the brakes (disk brakes),
7. Adjust the brakes,
8. Adjust the shifters,
9. Adjust the rear (and front) derailleurs etc.
In this service, we completely open the serviceable bottom brackets and hubs, clean and re-lube with high temperature grease that can withstand Oman heat. Work done includes;

1. Completely clean, degrease and re-lube front and back hubs
2. Completely clean, degrease and re-lube the bottom bracket re-lube.
In this service we open up the serviceable headsets (with ballbearings) and replace the following as needed;
1. Fork crown race
2. Bottom bearings
3. Bottom and top head tube cups
4. Start-nut (if damaged)
5. Top bearings
6. Compression ring
7. Dust seal
8. Top cap and
9. Head bolt
In most cases the front derailleur is the hardest of two derailleurs to adjust. It can take from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, with very minute adjustment requirementsThe rear derailleur is a little easier to adjust, however many times we have to troubleshoot more problems which are related to derailleur hanger problems. Mainly bent “in” derailleur hanger. So instead of 5 to 7 minutes job, work can turn into 30 minutes job.Nobody likes a wheel that spins from left to right and touches the brakes. Many reasons cause the wheels to go out of balance. In most cases the result is a few loose spokes and un-trued wheel. Some wheels can take as little as 5 minutes to true. But many can take as much as 40 minutes to true and some may need total re-building!Taco’ed wheel gets the name because the badly butted tires look like a taco. These are not fixed by truing. Af first some excessive force is needed to get them to about 90% even shape before truing them. The process takes many hours. In most cases you have to leave the wheel at our shop for 2 to 3 business days. If you are travelling out or in to Oman and need your bike assembled or disassembled, you can count on us. IF you have a professional bike which you purchased pieces and are sure that the individual pieces will all perfectly fit in the frame, we can assemble these bikes for you as well.